Alexia and meThe Flowercardspost.co.uk idea was born in London while we were at a friend’s birthday party. There we met a lovely nice lady, called Jannet, who helped us set up our business.

We are a young couple (late 20′s) from Bristol who are in love with flowers, and as they say the real success comes from doing what you like, we believe that with this business success will be guaranteed, as WE ARE DOING WHAT WE LOVE.  My name is Alexia, together with my husband Connor we have built and managed this website from scratch. We have learned how to use wordpress, how to install plugins, and all that kind of tech stuff that we had no clue about so far.

I hope you will be pleased with our flower cards, and if you have any suggestions or ideas, or you just want to say hello, please email on admin@flowercardspost.co.uk, or drop us a line at  0117 947 8850.


Greetings from Bristol,

Alexia and Connor